2024 Vendor Application -

2024 German Fest Milwaukee Vendor Application
Event Dates: July 26 - 28, 2024
2024 Vendor Application Details

What is available for vendor stalls?
Vendors are located through out the grounds in 10’x10’ booths. Vendors are able to rent (1) 10’x’10’ booth ($1,200), (1) 10’x 20’ booth ($2,400), -(OR)- (1) 20’ x 20’ booth ($4,800). Those interested in vending in the Williamsburg Marktplatz have the opportunity to rent one (1) 10’x’20’ booth ($1550), or (1) 20’x20’ ($3100) booth.

How are vendors selected?
German Fest Milwaukee Vendor Committee will review all applications and accompanying material and select vendors with unique products to avoid repetition in the marketplaces. Please keep in mind that with the limit on available vendor stalls, not every applicant will be accepted.

Only the product included on the application will be allowed to be sold at German Fest Milwaukee, unless the vendor is granted permission before the festival. German Fest reserves the right to choose which product the vendor is able to sell at the festival; list your most important items first, on the application. The more German themed products you have, the more likely you are to be selected.

We are accepting applications for review and consideration for 2024.
Acceptance will begin in January.

How are vendors placed at the festival?
Vendors are placed at the discretion of German Fest. We will place vendors as requested whenever possible. Final location will be at the sole discretion of German Fest.

Food Vendors
Space for food vendors is limited.

Guidelines to Submit a Food Vendor Application:
Vendors submitting applications should complete an application. Please be sure to add your menu items.

We will let you know as soon as possible. Vendors not selected will be added to our waiting list.

If you have problems completing the form, email foodvendors@germanfest.com or vendors@germanfest.com

Mailing Address: W140 N5761 Lilly Rd Menomonee Falls, WI 53051
(414) 964-9444 

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